Reflective Journal : 13 June 2017

For my parallax assignment I will be using the story of heaven and hell as told by an ancient samurai .

The summary for the story , is that there is a monk and the monk met a ronin while he was meditating . The ronin ask the monk to teach him what is heaven and hell .The monk keep silent and then the ronin was furious and was about to kill the monk . The monk whisper softly to him that, that is hell and then the ronin freeze and kneel down and cry . The monk told him that is heaven .



Photogram  is a picture produced with photographic materials, such as light-sensitive paper, but without a camera.

When I was in Berlin trip , we have a workshop that was organized by the Bauhaus museum . We learned how to create a photogram and experience the red room . I remember we have a lot of fun inside that tiny room . To create a photogram , the room should be completely dark .

I don’t have a close up of my photogram because I gave it to the school for exhibition purposes .



Mine is 10,11 and 15

Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo


When Frida was a young she was on her way home from school when the wooden bus they were riding collided with a streetcar. Several people were killed, and Kahlo suffered nearly fatal injuries .You can only imagine the grief and suffering she felt, she started to paint to occupy herself. With little but her imagination and a mirror, she painted self portraits – “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

Approximately 150 paintings that Kahlo painted before she died at the age of 47, 65 were self-portraits.




Historically, henna was used in the Arabian Peninsula , South Asia , and other parts of Africa. In India, henna designs on skin are called mehndi.

Henna is different from tattoo because the henna is staining your skin whereas tattoo ink and change the pigment of the skin .



Henna also can be use as a hair dye .